Marco Camilli Marco Camilli

UX researcher / CEO

roma (RM)

Su dal 31 Mar 2011
My work interests lie in the area of user experience, ergonomics and human factors methodologies applied to the user research. In the 2010, I obtained the Ph.D. in Psychology from the Sapienza University of Rome (Italy) with a dissertation on “Team Situation Awareness in Command & Control environment“. Since the 2010, I am post-doc researcher and research fellow at the Laboratory of Usability and Accessibility (LUA). In the 2012, I founded “UXI“, a product-oriented start-up with the mission to transfer scientific research results in the web industry solutions.

Informatica, Sviluppo
  • creazione siti web
  • e-commerce
  • formazione
  • sicurezza
  • sviluppo applicazioni
  • usabilità
  • web design
Web Marketing, Pubblicità
  • web content
  • comunicazione
Accessibilità Usabilità User research UX

Sito web:

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Indirizzo: Via Anagnina 203 - Roma (RM)


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